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Sculpture Pricing

Pricing of sculpture is usually determined by three main factors:  the number of pieces in the limited edition, the difficulty of casting the piece and the actual size of the piece itself. Actual prices for each piece are listed on the individual page for that work in our Sculpture Gallery.

Please note that every edition is unique and is priced accordingly.

Commissions will be considered.

For more information about a particular work, please email us at: click here to send for info with the name of the work in the subject line.


Time Payments

We welcome you to inquire about our payment option of "Time Payments." Time Payments allows for the balance due on a work you purchase to be paid in installments. We offer a choice of check or credit card payments. Check payments do not incur any additional charges, however when credit card payments are processed there is a 3% service charge for each payment. We offer a variety of payment options and are open to working with you. Once you have paid your balance in full, a Certificate of Authenticity will be issued to you.

Please inquire for more details and ask how Time Payments can work for you!

Thank you for your patronage.

Shipping Charges

Shipping any work will incur an extra charge unless otherwise noted. Depending on the size of the work the shipping charges will include the cost of building a crate and crating the sculpture for safe shipment.

We accept Visa and Master Card