Gallery Policies

Our Pricing

Our pricing policy is fair to everyone. There is one price for a work of art whether the work is sold through a museum, gallery or our studio. Collectors of DeVries sculptures will receive a 10% discount on each work of art they acquire after the first one purchased. If two or more sculptures of similar value are purchased at the same time then a 10% discount will apply.

We are aware that some galleries markup art work so that it may be deeply discounted. We do not practice this and enjoy an open relationship with our clients.

Your patronage allows Andrew to create his art work and we thank you for this!

Online Sales

The website is being updated to allow for online sales. Patrons will be able to purchase small works, wall reliefs and paintings directly through the website. You may have the works shipped directly to you via FedEx Ground -  or - why not come out to the studio if you are able to, it be lovely to see you!

Andrew will also deliver works to your home or office door in the region. For larger sculptures that need a crate for shipping, patrons must still call the studio the studio for a quote.

Certificates of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity is sent to you after a purchase of a work of art. For sculpture the exemplar number and edition number is on the document. Paintings are one of a kind and do not have this exemplar number. Each certificate is signed and stamped by Andrew. This document is important for the provenance of the art work.

If you have lost your Certificate of Authenticity  we fill requests for reissuing these. We also will provide valuation letters for insurance purposes.

Valuation will be determined by what the art work of art would sell in the gallery.

Both reissuing of certificates and valuation documents of sculpture and pastels purchased at DeVries Fine Art International Inc. are available for a minimum fee of $25.00 depending on request.

Massachusetts Sales Tax

Massachusetts sales tax of 6.25% must be charged on all purchases made in our gallery unless you live out of state and plan on having the item shipped to your home. In that case no sales tax will be charged, however, you will pay packaging and shipping charges. In the state of Massachusetts the law states; that if the item purchased is food or clothing under $175.00 no tax will be charged.  In our gallery, Massachusetts State Sales Tax must be charged, unless you can present a tax resale number.

Time Payments

We encourage you to inquire about our time payment option. Time payments allow for you to pay in installments.

After the a deposit you may use your choice of check or credit card payments. Check payments do not incur any additional charges. However, when credit card payments are processed there is a 3% service charge for each payment.

Once you have paid your balance a Certificate of Authenticity will be mailed to you.


Shipping and Crating Sculptures

When purchasing a bronze sculpture and shipping it to your home, know that we will handle the crating and shipping for you. Andrew builds and crates your sculpture himself to insure that it arrives to its destination safely.  The size of the sculpture will determine the crate pricing. Both the crate and the shipping will be charged to your credit card on the shipping date. 

We normally use FedEx Ground and we will email you the tracking number upon its departure. Shipping time depends on your location. The normal time for the east coast is one to  two days.  

Shipping Framed Pastels

When purchasing a pastel, we remind you that a framed pastel with glass must be properly packaged. If you would like us to ship your pastel you must purchase a special  box made for the art work, which we are happy to order for you.  The box, depending on the size of your pastel usually ranges in price of $135-$175. 

We normally ship FedEx Ground. On the east coast shipping time is one to two business days. The box and shipping fee will be charged to your credit card. 

Upon shipping of your pastel we will email you the tracking number for your reference.

Delivery and Installation of Large Sculptures

Andrew will personally deliver a large sculpture purchased from DeVries Fine Art International to your destination, if  you live within a 2 hour driving distance from River Studios. The largest of Andrew’s sculpture have to be contracted out.  Please contact us for fee structure.

Exporting Art

We have exported artwork to 15 different countries. Exporting artwork takes extra paper work, extra time and you will also have to act as your own customs agent or hire a customs agent to represent you.

Every country has it's own import rules and taxes on importing artwork. You as the client are responsible to pay for these.

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