Commissions and Portraits

Many of the larger bronze sculptures are commissioned by collectors from smaller versions of the same sculpture (Dance of Morning, Pleiades, and This Man Who Flies are some examples), but the process also works in reverse, such as with Sparrow, which started smaller with the maquette, was commissioned life sized, and then later commissioned in half-life size. Often someone will fall in love with a sculpture from an edition that is sold out and have it commissioned in a different size from the original. If you have arrived at this page by clicking on the link, we would encourage you to contact us and explore this option. Please call our office at (413) 238-7755 for more information.

Portrait sculpture has been a great historic part of the art form. Emperors, generals, popes, presidents, and high society members have all chosen to have their visage immortalized. I began portrait work as part of my studies in Paris. Frank Bruckmann, featured below, was one of my first portrait works – the portrait of my friend the painter, Frank Bruckmann. While in France we exchanged portraits, and I still have his portrait painting of me hanging proudly in my studio. On my return to the United States I received a commission for a bust of the late Massachusetts Congressman Silvio O. Conte as well as a relief portrait of art patron Kitty Lichtenstein.

I continue to sculpt portraits of my friends and loved ones as well as accepting commissions for portraits for others. Most recently, these include Portrait of Vincent, Seagull (Heather Jurgensen), Odyssey (Val) and Gordon Mansfield. With a portrait I work very closely with the people involved to achieve artistic success that will be perfect in the final sitting.

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