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Our gallery, DeVries Fine Art International is located at River Studios in Middlefield, MA.

The gallery was founded in 2002 as a venture to exhibit Andrew's different series of sculptures that include dance, figurative, abstract and wall reliefs. The paintings feature figurative  works from live models and dance  themes which are completed from his sketches at various dance studios. In 2018 a new series of bold ink and watercolor paintings was begun that concentrates on costumed dancers.

Patricia A. Purdy is the gallery's director (she is also Andrew's wife).  Patricia  holds a degree in fashion and has over 20 years of expertise in picture frame design.  Patricia and Andrew are celebrating their 20th year of the gallery, a well-loved destination for both visitors to the Berkshires and year round natives.

Andrew began showing his sculptures in the Berkshires in 1989, first at the Clark Whitney Gallery in Lenox owned by Ruth Kochta. In 1994 he joined the Lenox Gallery of Fine Art as an original member of that cooperative gallery. In 1996 he conducted a week long program on the grounds of the  Chesterwood Museum in Stockbridge, casting an original life size bronze sculpture titled Joie de Vivre. The following year he opened an independent gallery at that museum which he operated during his years as artist in residence between 1997 and 2003.

Andrew left that position at Chesterwood in 2003. He and his wife had by that time founded DeVries Fine Art International, Inc. in Lenox, where much of their energies were being focused. Andrews’ bronze casting demonstrations were reborn at Ventfort Hall, Gilded Age Museum and Mansion, in 2004 and 2005. He also began again the practice of Open Studios at his property in Middlefield, MA. Andrew reveals his true passion for his art in his talks and casting events. He continues to be called upon by different museums,colleges and schools to engage with their audiences. These occasions have been described as both electrifying and inspiring.

An added feature of the gallery is the Sculpture Trail that was created on this pastoral property last year. Thirty works are displayed through meadows and treed knolls that blend art with nature’s splendor. In addition, part of the trail follows the middle branch of the Westfield River, providing its sight and sound as you wander along the path. It is an inspiring and relaxing environment for a pleasurably saunter in the countryside.

We invite you to visit our gallery, DeVries Fine Art International for a refreshing experience with the personal touch of Andrew and his wife Patricia. They welcome your visit with just a call ahead (413) 238-7755 or by email.  Please also see our Open Studio Events where you will be able to witness the actual pouring of molten bronze.

Your visit will be an unforgettable adventure into Andrew’s world of art and creativity!

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