Outdoor Sculptures

Outdoor Sculpture

This page gives examples of my outdoor bronze sculptures in a variety of settings. All the works here are half-life or larger however I have seen smaller works that when expertly placed look splendid on a patio, a garden, wooded area or other natural locations.

Bronze sculptures are particularly suited to outdoor display in sculpture gardens. You’ll find that the sculptures look different as the light of the day changes from dawn to dusk. You’ll delight as your sculptures glisten with dew or rain drops, a blanket of snow brings enchantment to a work even the weaving of spiders presents a magical touch to your outdoor sculptures. It’s a very real experience that will give you a fresh take every time you view them interact within your setting.

Public Sculpture

My outdoor sculptures create a focal point in public spaces. In urban areas these works become recognized landmarks, places where people gather and meet and yes, even tourist attractions. Outdoor exhibits of my sculptures in the city of Northampton and the town of Lenox, MA were greeted with enthusiastic acclaim. Publicity and word of mouth brought hundreds of people to visit providing an economic boost to restaurants and stores. A number of these outdoor works were subsequently purchased and installed in public and private gardens.

A few examples of my outdoor sculpture in public spaces can found at Central College in Pella, Iowa, the Grove School in Madison, CT and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA.

Your Own Sculpture Gardens

I’ve also had the pleasure of helping private collectors install works in their gardens. In this type of setting a sculpture becomes a focal point. I encourage people to think about their landscape in terms of having outdoor rooms. We often don’t think about the natural world in those terms but they do exist. A work may show off best with a back drop of bushes or flowers however to receive the full pleasure of the sculpture I recommend that you should be able to walk around the entire piece to see it from all angles. After all that’s what makes sculpture so special – it’s three dimensional!

Sculpture Parks and Gardens

There are a number of sculpture parks and gardens in the world. A magnificent one is Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. You may find some nearby in your own area however if you’re in the Berkshires come see own Sculpture Trail here at River Studios. You will find it inspiring and it may help you think about an outdoor sculptures of your own!

Outdoor Sculpture Maintenance

Bronze sculptures have easy maintenance when placed outdoors. They should be washed in a soapy solution at least twice a year and a light coat of paste wax applied and then buffed. Considerations of the proper stone base are also necessary. With a minimum of care, you will be thrilled to see your sculpture within the living landscape.  We’re happy to help discuss your own particular setting, a vision for a sculpture there along with how to maintain an outdoor bronze sculpture for a lifetime of pleasure.

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