Strange Land



Strange Land is a bronze sculpture filled with hidden nuances. The photo has 3 different views yet still does not do justice to this special work. The bottom left view shows a completely abstracted image, the center has been cut open and the lower left section is pulled outward. The upper right of this side has a twirling stream that spins out and upward. Perhaps this is a symbol of our connection to a greater Being?

The middle photograph shows the male figure walking along a beach but this has been tilted horizontally. His outstretched arms and closed eyes present a yearning. What that yearning is – is left to the imagination of the viewer.

The third upper right image shows the figure projecting out into space as if there is only the slightest force of gravity that keeps him steady

The bronze is mounted on a 4 inch thick black onyx base lending an other worldly feel to the entire sculpture. This work projects a mysterious air and thus is titled Strange Land.

Additional information

Dimensions18 × 12 × 7 in