Hello There


Hello There is a witty and charming figurative female bronze nude wall relief sculpture. It a play on the elements between the  inside of the flat picture frame where the outline of her legs and feet are merely sketched in and where she becomes three dimensional as she leans out over the picture frame itself, eyes wide open with a smile on her face as if saying to herself – “well Hello There.”

The sculpture comes from a sketch drawn in 2016 – one of two that use this vision of a “drawn” figure becoming completely three dimensional. The frame was given to us by Laurie Green of Museum Facsimiles the company that does our pastel frames. Laurie and her husband Ken have always been great friends and supporters (as well as collectors of my sculptures).

The work was unveiled at Open Studio 2017 and was a great “hit” of the event. Nine in the edition of 12 were sold within a week leaving only three left in the edition. This figurative wall relief is currently hanging in our gallery in Lenox.

Edition is sold out and closed. Mold destroyed.



Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions9 × 8 in