I Think



I Think is the most recent of my sculptures to be  to be finished this spring of 2023. This intriguing sculpture “came out of nowhere.” The title itself is a play on the famous quote by philosopher Rene Descartes – “I think therefore I am.” My original title for this sculpture was, “I think therefore I am not.” shortened to I Think.

This a merry fellow is walking with one bare foot and one shoe on, sans laces. The hat he wears is hinged open and out of the top appears three butterflies! A smile on his face, one hand behind his back holds two eggs and the other hand raised points upwards signaling a eureka moment!

The sculpture is 18 inches in height (which includes the black marble base) by 12 inches in width by 6 inches in depth. There are only six in the edition.

Curiously, I can’t walk by this sculpture without chuckling to myself.

No photo can do this sculpture justice – come see it for yourself at our gallery!

Additional information

Dimensions18 × 12 × 6 in