The theme for Apollo, the male bronze dance sculpture shown in the photo is one that has been referred to many times in the world of dance. In Greek legend Apollo had many attributes. One of those is that he presided over the muses of the arts. Because of this he  has been depicted as such in ballet, notably Balanchine’s famous choreographic work Apollo.

I have used the bronze cloth to make him seem to be flying through the air.  Through the many years of casting bronze myself  I have discovered how far I can push a medium of such weight and make it appear free from gravitational force. It is an element that make people stop and take notice!

It is not currently cast. A bronze sculpture of this complexity like this can take several months to fit into my casting schedule. If you have interest in this sculpture please call me at the studio 413-238-7755.

Additional information

Dimensions39 × 27 × 12 in