Echoes is a life size bronze sculpture, first born as a vision in Chicago. The morning after a day of sketching at the Joffrey Ballet , Echoes appeared as a vision in Andrew’s mind’s eye. He quickly drew a sketch. That sketch became a bronze in 2014 and was used for the maquette for the large Echoes.

Richard Chorney, CEO of The Grove School in Madison, CT commissioned the work in this large version in 2017.

Echoes has taken two years  to complete from enlarging the sculpture in clay, through molding, ceramic shell, casting, casting and finishing the bronze. It is a stunning achievement in both aesthetic and technical bravado.

Echoes is an edition of three standing at a total height of 80”, his outstretched arms extend 53” across and is a depth of 40”, copyright 2019. A Möbius strip suspends the figure in the air. Richard as the commissioner of this work received the first in the edition. There are two available (not cast at this time). Please contact us if you have questions about purchasing this work.

See a slideshow of the journey of this work on What’s News.


Additional information

Weight500 lbs
Dimensions80 × 53 × 44 in