Paris sketch



Paris Sketch is a high relief cast in bronze. The voluptuous figure is grounded in Andrew’s personal journey as a sculptor. It was created in (1984-1985) during his time in Paris drawn at the Beaux Arts School in an open life drawing class.

While in Paris Andrew did not have access to a foundry, though he was already proficient in mold making and brought this work along with others back to the states to be cast in bronze.

The sensuous form of the woman’s back comes out from the planes of the bronze into high relief while her left arm fades into the surface of shadows and her right hand rests on her hip. Andrew, who loves to draw is transforming the two dimensional artwork into the third in bronze. The Paris Sketch is pivotal in his career as it led to many other works in the wall relief style.

The fifth and last in the edition is currently not cast , it is a large relief measuring 25” in height and 19” in width and weighs 50 lbs., as such, it needs a secure installation. Paris Sketch is priced at $6500. If interested please call  studio  Patricia or Andrew (413)238-7755, or email.

Additional information

Dimensions25 × 19 in