The fire at River Studio on November 23rd, 2016

Gifts,  Grants and GoFundme

These 3 “G”s represent the generosity of so many patrons, friends, family and the community at large who have joined together in the efforts to raise a new River Studio out of the ashes from the tragic fire that destroyed Andrew’s casting studio.  To date a total of 85% of the estimated construction costs have been collected. A giant leap forward was made through the efforts of the Lenox Chamber of Commerce benefit that took place on March 3rd at Ventfort Hall. Envelopes containing checks in every amount continue to arrive in the mail as well as the contributions online through the GoFundMe Rebuild River Studio campaign.

We are grateful for each gift we receive. You have all touched our hearts and that kindness fills us with inspiration and the courage to forge ahead! says Andrew.

Measurements and sketches have been given to our friend Bill Kelly of Meadowwoods Pedestals who will draw up the plans needed for the permitting process.  Once spring finally arrives in the Berkshires and warmer temperatures prevail, cleanup of the site will begin.  The goal is to have the shell of the building up by next winter so that interior work can be done during the colder months and casting can begin again by spring of 2018.

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