Sculptor Andrew DeVries working on the clay enlargement of Echoes three quarter life size.

Progress on the Echoes commission

Echoes Commission Progress

“When I take the clay into my hands, it’s like taking a deep breath, says Andrew, and as the figure becomes more complete I feel the expression of the original vision being brought to life.” 

After so many months spent on rebuilding River Studio, Andrew is now steadily focused on enlarging the clay of Echoes, his bronze sculpture showing a male dancer suspended within a Mobius strip at the moment of his reaching for eternity. Commissioned by Richard Chorney, President and CEO of the Grove School for his home in Madison, Connecticut, this sculpture will be in an edition of only three, with Richard receiving the very first casting in the edition. This edition will be reaching a height of seven feet from the bottom to the top of its bronze Mobius curve. (See photo of original below). The original version of Echoes is in an edition of eight, with only four left in that edition.


The pantograph (the device shown in the picture above) was used to measure different points intended to be transferred from the original bronze maquette to the new sculpture. As you can see from the picture, the pantograph is still in use at this stage, with the ‘point up’ of the Echoes armature completed and the first layer of clay applied.  Andrew has now begun modeling the figure itself, and as these progresses, he will use the pantograph less and less, relying more on his artistic vision to bring the work to life. The Mobius strip will be sculpted once the clay figure is completed. The sculpture will be the first work poured in bronze at the new casting studio and is scheduled to be completed and installed at Richard’s home in Madison during the summer of 2018.

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