Two new commissions!

Everyone asks “what’s next?” for Andrew after he completes the colossal Other Side of Eden, and now we can tell you! Two new commissions have come about in the past two months…

The first commission is for a larger version of Echoes, a work that never fails to capture everyone’s attention in the gallery. It has been commissioned at three-quarters life size by our enthusiastic and avid collector Richard Chorney. Richard is the visionary president of the Grove School in Madison CT. He first purchased the five foot Other Side of Eden for his school’s campus in 2012. Since that time he has also acquired one of the remaining sculptures in the edition of This Man Who Flies and Innocence.

Echoes was first conceived in Chicago. It came to Andrew as a vision in the morning after a day of sketching the Joffrey Ballet in class and rehearsal. Although inspired by dance the sculpture displays a sense of spiritual uplifting by suspending the figure on a Möbius strip.

The maquette (working model) for this new Echoes has now been cast in bronze and the pantograph will soon be put to use in pointing up the enlargement. The Möbius strip that suspends this figure will be over seven feet tall!

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