Chariot is an abstract sculpture or as I prefer to designate the piece – symbolic work in bronze. The image is quite intriguing to many people . It is one of the works that creates the most questions.

There is a Celtic influence in the design. If you were to rotate the work by 45 degrees you would see a similarity to a Celtic cross. The four faces that emerge from the negative spaces are different in their expressions ranging from some which are peaceful to rage. The work also shows similarities to the Sun Disc Chariot that is an ancient work in bronze and this is where the title of the sculpture, Chariot comes from.

The disc shape comes from an image of my farm roots as well. After a field is plowed the furrows are then worked with a piece of machinery pulled by a tractor called simply the disc.  It cuts up the clumps dirt making the field ready for planting.

Lastly there is a similarity to the Wheel of Fate or Rota Fortunae, an ancient idea of how fate controls our lives. All these themes are melded into Chariot and it is why I prefer to categorize the sculpture as  Symbolism as opposed to Abstract.

The sculpture was exhibited in Serravezza, Italy with the National Sculpture Society in 1994. One of the edition was also exhibited at Chesterwood in their exhibit that same year.


Additional information

Dimensions30 × 26 × 14 in