Shaker Angel



Shaker Angel is a bronze angel sculpture I created  with the idea of the simplicity and inventiveness shown in Shaker design. The Shakers were a large community here in the Berkshires and they left a great heritage to our region.

My dear friend the photographer Paul Rocheleau had collaborated with Shaker authority June Sprigg on what is the recognized tome on Shaker design. He presented me with a gift of a signed copy in 2000.

Shaker Angel was sculpted in that same essence. It is an element that you also find in Brancusi’s sculpture whose work is also an influence in my own Symbolic sculptures.

I create and cast all my work here at my River Studios in Middlefield, MA. It’s a beautiful river valley in the Berkshire hills. I know the Shakers would approve of that and feel akin to many of their ideals.  You are welcome to visit.

During this period of Covid 19 we ask that you call us at 413-238-7755 for a time when you’d like to visit to view the works.

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Dimensions20 × 9 × 8 in