Just for You!


Edition Closed out

Just for You! is Andrew’s most recent finished sculpture featuring a male mime circus performer. The work was commissioned as a companion piece for Rain or Shine. He boasts the same white patina as that bronze, and is adorned similarly with black hair and a hat. In a pose of entreaty he leans perilously forward and in his outstretched hands he presents two flowers. This sculpture is the final one of five commissions that Andrew undertook in 2018.

Just for You! is mounted on a black onyx base with white veining complementing the patina. Measuring 16.5” in height by 16.5” in width and by 6” in depth in an edition of eight.

All eight in this edition have been sold and the molds have been destroyed. You may contact Andrew about commissioning this work in a larger size by calling him at the studio 413-238-7755.


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