The Bond



The Bond is an impressionistic bronze sculpture that I have created  patinaed with a rich reddish brown with darker areas. A light hue of white that goes diagonally from left to right across the faces creates an ethereal feeling in the work.

The piece portrays male and female busts. Are they being pulled together or pulled apart? That is what the viewer must determine for themselves. The title suggests these questions: What are the forces that bind us together, love? destiny? Perhaps these are the same forces that eventually may pull us apart.

Many people know of Rodin but there was also a contemporary of his, Medrado Rosso whose work I have always greatly admired. Medrado’s ouevre was much smaller by comparison but he pushed the envelope of sculpture into what I would call true impressionism.

The photo of The Bond shows the two sides of the sculpture. It is an edition of nine,  seven are available for purchase. I cast and finished this,  the third in the edition in the spring of 2020. It is mounted on a beautiful black walnut base. Copyright 1992.

It is currently here in our gallery at River Studios and can be seen by making an appointment to visit us.

During this period of Covid 19 we ask that you call us at 413-238-7755 for a time when you’d like to visit to view this sculpture and other works.

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 16 × 13 in