I created the first version of Innocence, a floating female figure sculpture in bronze, in 1993. The sculpture was inspired by a vision that I received after posing this question. “What would show the true innocence that we all carry within us?” With that in mind I saw a woman’s figure floating unfettered by gravity.

In order to achieve this I used the hair as the ballast that allows the sculpture to “float freely” in the air. I began working on the larger version in 2008. While in the process of enlarging the work Berkshire Living magazine article appeared which featured my studio with a photo of the sculpture in progress.

After seeing the article a collector contacted me, came to the studio and asked to commission the final stages of the work. He had one specific request however; he wished to see the work rise higher for a particular view that he had for its placement.

This is when I sculpted the additional hair in order to increase the height. That added an element to the work which gives a feeling of levitation. It increases the dramatic flair to this floating female sculpture as the figure appears to float freely in the air.

The current sculpture available is the third in an edition of six. Innocence is currently mounted on a 1600 pound rough granite slab that beautifully fits into an outdoor landscape though it may also been installed indoors on a suitable pedestal.

This stunning bronze sculpture hails the beginning of the Sculpture Trail here at DeVries Fine Art International. Please call Andrew at the studio (413) 238-7755 for more information about purchasing this work.

Additional information

Dimensions65 × 56 × 16 in