The Sculpture Trail

Madonna in the springtime

The Sculpture Walking Trail

River Studios Sculpture Walking Trail

When I first settled in this magical river valley in the Berkshires I thought, “Wouldn’t this landscape be the perfect location for an outdoor sculpture trail.” However, little did I know it would take thirty-five years and a pandemic to bring it to life.

The Sculpture Trail is a dream come!


One of the shady groves

What you’ll find on the Sculpture Trail

The Sculpture Trail began in May of 2020. As of this writing there are thirty works in bronze located on the 15 acre property with ten more being installed in 2021.   The walking  trail is located at 42 East River Road in the hilltown of Middlefield, MA which also has  my sculpture studios here.

On the Sculpture Trail  you’ll find dancers, musicians, jesters as well as abstract and figurative sculptures. They are placed in two shady groves and along the meadow’s back hedge. The path follows the middle branch of the pristine Westfield River, a wonderful added feature!

The trail exists on unspoiled land that has been untouched for over 75 years. In the spring, summer and fall you will find wildflowers, butterflies, dragonflies and different bird species. You will feel the wind in your hair and hear the sound of the river. There are seating areas for you to soak up the sun or escape the heat in the shaded groves.

I do ask that you call ahead (413) 238-7755 or email us so that we are here to greet you.

Tour on the Sculpture Trail

Location of the Sculpture Trail

Yes, I admit River Studios is not the easiest to find but for those of you who love art and love nature along with an adventure, the trail is well worth the effort. Here is a map with directions and one warning. GPS and some other web map directions have led people in some very odd ways. Google Maps seems to be the best; however, I do recommend that you print these out just in case. Cell phone reception can be spotty (or nonexistent) in the hilltowns. If you do get lost, find a clear signal and call us: (413)-238-7755.

Innocence in the fall at River Studios

Your arrival at River Studios

The barn studio has a tall granite pillar, a red sign and plenty of room to park. You will also notice the first two sculptures here as you drive in.

I finish the bronze castings in the barn studio; there are sculptures in different stages of being welding, chased and readied for their patinas. You will also discover the gallery here with indoor sculptures on beautiful marble or wood bases along with framed vibrant pastel paintings, all for sale. It’s quite an experience to walk in to find all what goes on inside. The barn studio is where art becomes real with an atmosphere that no other gallery has.

Dogs are welcome too!

Walking the Sculpture Trail

A leisurely walk takes about 30 minutes; however, it’s really up to you to decide how long you’d like to enjoy your time here. I highly recommend walking shoes or sneakers as footwear. The sculpture trail has butterflies though there may be other pesky insects. We provide a natural repellent bug spray at the barn studio to prevent those pests.

We do allow guests to bring their dog along and we ask that they be leashed when on the property. Your dog too should be protected from ticks and you should always check them after a walk here.

Take all the photographs you would like to but please mention my name as the artist and the Sculpture Trail!

The studios are handicap accessible; however the trail is not at this time. Donations are accepted to help maintain the Sculpture Trail.

The casting studio

The modeling and casting studio

These studios are at the end of the Sculpture Walking Trail. For those of you who would like to see the modeling and casting studios please let us know when you first call. These studios are normally closed to the public.

I do open these studios in the warm seasons during casting demonstrations. A bronze pour is a thrilling moment that anyone who is captivated by the sculptures. Space is limited to 12 people. Please call ahead (413) 238-7755 and reserve a space for these dates.

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