Starlight is a life size bronze ballet dancer completed in May of 2020. I sculpted the work in clay using anatomical drawings and the smaller version,  bronze maquette which is also titled Starlight. The maquette was enlarged using a pantograph. The pantograph allows me to “point up” or enlarge the work by measuring a number of points for the larger version. This helps but the clay is always sculpted by hand and eye along with certain tools.

For me, the spirit of the sculpture is alive in the clay and that will lead me to its finished form.

This work is the first in an edition of three and available for purchase. Please call the studios at 413-238-7755 for more information. We welcome visitors to see the sculpture at our gallery at River Studios.

If you are vaccinated for Covid – 19 you are free to enter the gallery without  a mask. If you are not vaccinated we ask that you wear a mask inside the gallery or studios.



Additional information

Weight150 lbs
Dimensions79 × 45 × 33 in