The Rage



The Rage is Andrew’s most recently completed bronze dancer, created in a very impressionistic style. The rough textured dress was formed by sculpting wax as it was cooling. The figure is in motion, hands clenched into fists raised over her head which is bending forward as her hair is cascading down. These elements combine to create the expressive emotion of the piece. What are hard to see in the above photograph are the agitated flames that were sculpted into the bronze base and which surround the figure.

Andrew describes the creation of the sculpture in these words “As The Rage developed over the past year from the original charcoal sketch, I realized more and more that the vision was expressing a fury, a sense of outrage caused by some senseless tragedy, a frustration, a scream unvoiced.”

The Rage is mounted on a black granite base. The sculpture is priced at $5000, and measures 14”h x 15”w x 8”d. It is cast in an edition of only 4 and is a powerful work that would be a centerpiece in any setting. Call us at the gallery (413) 238-7755 to purchase this dramatic bronze sculpture.

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Dimensions14 × 15 × 8 in