Faerie Dance


Faerie Dance is a small bronze dancer used as the maquette for the larger version that has the same title. The costume swirls around her slender body and arms as she steps forward. The sculpture feels as if she is about to take flight.

Faeries have a long history in the hearts and minds of many cultures. I have used the old English spelling in the title. They can be found in many literary works the most well known being William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer’s Night Dream. This work has been transformed into dance by a number of ballet choreographers. John Neumeier of the Hamburg Ballet has created a magical ballet to the music of Felix  Mendelssohn.

I have created Faerie Dance in an edition of 100 and there is only one available for sale.

During this period of Covid 19 we ask that you call us at 413-238-7755 for a time when you’d like to visit to view this sculpture and other works.

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