La Parisienne



La Parisienne is the title of this small bronze dance sculpture that you see in the photo. I have put two views there for you to see. The title translates to English as:  the woman from Paris. I chose the name to celebrate my love of the city where for eight months I lived as a young artist. It’s a magical city for anyone who visits but for an artist it is a mesmerizing experience that lasts a lifetime.

I have sculpted the figure  ‘on pointe’ with a full unfurled skirt that sweeps around her twisting figure, and she glances back over her left shoulder with a carefree smile.  La Parisienne  is mounted on a pyramidal walnut base to give the work a suggestion of lift adding to the lightness of movement and accenting the twist of the figure.

I created and cast the sculpture here at River Studios. Copyright 2020.

We welcome visitors to the studio but during this period of Covid 19 we ask that you call us at 413-238-7755 for a time when you’d like to visit to view this sculpture or other works.

At this time numbers 1 and 2 in the edition have already been purchased. I am pouring and chasing waxes and will be hopefully casting others in one to two weeks. To reserve one in the edition please call us at the studio 413-238-7755.



Additional information

Dimensions10 × 7 × 6 in