Medium Dance Sculptures

This page contains my medium sized indoor bronze dance sculptures. These works will add beauty and grace to your home or office. Their size makes them easily displayed in a variety of spaces whether on tables, pedestals or other surfaces.

I started my professional art career in the ballet studio drawing dancers. It inspired a life long appreciation of dance and movement. One of the lessons I learned was that dance is not about a pretty pose but rather a complete devotion to expression, having the body inform us about our humanity, our frailty, our emotions, our spiritual potential.

Dance moves through time whereas sculpture captures a moment. In my dance sculpture I try to push past the precise moment so that you believe the bronze sculpture is not static, but will continue to move into the next dance sequence.

My bronze dance sculptures have been collected around the world and are in five continents now. One work titled  The Seagull is installed in the Hamburg Ballet studio. In the United States, Nocturne, is installed at the Byham Center for Dance, the studios of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

If you have questions call Andrew or Patricia at the studio (413) 238-7755 or by email.


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